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As huge 'foodies' we've always had a vision to provide the greatest cultural expereince, in a single bite; regardless of what dish you try. Here, we  strive to provide you with the exact  ingredients used from the streets of Puebla, Mexico. 


My wife, Mirna, and I, emigrated to the United States about 20 years ago; or in my eyes, what seems to be yesterday. As newcomers, we acquired many jobs in the  downtown DC restaurant industry, including working for Chef Jose Andres. Throughout the years, we've cultivated the ideal set of skills to serve you with the best quality experience possible.


At 3710 14th Street, Washington, DC, we provide you with the most fresh ingredients at hand. From the break of dawn we hand prep each of our sauces, marinades, and tortillas from scratch. 


Here, at our tables, we bring you our interpretation of the Mexican dish named Tlacoyo. If you're unfamiliar, it is a popular Pueblan antojito with a hand pressed masa base and black bean filling. The usual dish calls for shredded lettuce, but we integrated nopales (sliced cactuses) to provide you all with a more savory taste. Our special fusion of a Tlacoyo and Huarache make up our often requested huarache con nopales dish.


From our humble hearts, we would love to share our Puebla, Mexican cuisine with you.


Hope to see you soon, 

Dio. Montero


P.S. we make awesome cubana tortas





3710 14th Street NW. Washington, DC 20010

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